• Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen
  • Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen
  • Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen
  • Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen
  • Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen
  • Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen

Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen

Material: Sandwich Panel
Usage: Warehouse, Villa, Dormitories, Temporary Offices, Workshop
Certification: ISO, CE
Customized: Customized
Brand Name: K-Home
Wall Panel: PU Sandwich Panel

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Basic Info.

Cladding Panel
PU Sandwich Panel
Ral Color
Container Frame
Q235B Steel
Aluminium Alloy or Plastic Steel Window
Transport Package
Bubble Foil and Plywood Based on Client Requireme
Henan, China
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

Low-cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen

When it comes to canteen options, we can provide modular canteens and prefab canteen houses to cater to the dining needs of your employees. We can offer flexible solutions based on the scale of your business. Our canteens can be designed with spacious dining areas and modern kitchen equipment to ensure your employees feel comfortable and convenient when dining. Portable canteens are easy to set up and relocate, allowing you to use them in different locations as needed.

Our canteen spaces can be manufactured to your specifications; as standalone cabins, modular or portable buildings, and have the capability to be combined, (stacked or linked) with toilets, and offices for complete facilities on site.

Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen

Modular Container Canteens

The modular container canteen provides a flexible and efficient solution for creating a comfortable and practical dining space. These facilities can be customized with different seating arrangements and are often equipped with modular cafeteria furniture, ensuring a versatile and adaptable dining environment.

Modular canteens offer a convenient and cost-effective option for providing food services in various settings, from workplaces to educational institutions. These prefabricated canteens are designed with functionality and efficiency in mind, ensuring that users have access to a comfortable and inviting space to enjoy their meals.

Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen

Modular container canteen floor plan

As the main building unit of the modular canteen, containers form different functional areas, such as the dining area, kitchen area, storage area, etc., through combination and stacking. At the same time, reasonable planning of entrances and exits, windows, and ventilation systems ensures a convenient and comfortable dining environment.

Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen
The appearance of the container canteen

By opting for a modular canteen, organizations can benefit from the many advantages of prefab construction, such as reduced construction time, cost savings, and increased flexibility in design and configuration. These prefabricated canteens can be customized to meet specific requirements and can be easily expanded or modified as needed, making them an attractive option for organizations looking for a practical and sustainable food service solution.

Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen

Prefabricated Canteen

The prefabricated canteen is a refinement of the function of the activity product, which can meet the temporary dining needs of the temporary construction camp personnel.

K-type Prefabricated Canteens

The K-type prefabricated canteen mainly uses steel square tubes and C-shaped purlins as the product skeleton, which has certain restrictions on the span and height of the hall. If necessary, one or more rows of support columns need to be added inside the restaurant to extend the width of the restaurant to meet the use requirements.

Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen
Reference Size of K-type Prefabricated Canteens

Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen
The appearance of K-type Prefabricated Canteens

The design of the K-type prefabricated restaurant should take into account the comfort of the space. The large-span design ensures that customers will not be disturbed when they are dining on the premise of a reasonable layout, and at the same time ensures the reasonable distribution of ventilation and natural light.

In addition, during the optimization process, we also paid attention to the engineering safety and structural stability of the restaurant. We take necessary measures to ensure that the added support columns are perfectly integrated with the original structure, improving the overall stability and safety.

Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen

T-type Prefabricated Canteens

The T-type prefabricated canteen uses a light steel structure as the skeleton, so it has greater flexibility. This means that it can achieve a larger span and height range, and can be individually designed and optimized according to local actual conditions and engineering needs. In addition, the structure takes into account the local climate and building codes to provide better earthquake and wind resistance, ensuring the safe use of the restaurant in extreme weather conditions.

Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen

T-type Prefabricated Canteens floor plan

The design of the T-type prefabricated canteen focuses on practicality and efficiency to provide a comfortable and functional dining space. Here are a few common design features:

1. Space layout: We will consider reasonable space division to meet the functional needs of dining area, kitchen, service area and so on. Usually, an open layout is adopted to make the whole canteen transparent and bright, making customers feel comfortable.

2. Natural light and ventilation: The arrangement of natural light and ventilation system will be fully considered in the design to provide a bright and comfortable dining environment. This helps create a pleasant atmosphere and provides good air quality.

3. Durable and easy to clean: Considering the frequency of use and hygiene requirements of the canteen, we usually choose durable and easy-to-clean materials, such as antibacterial floors, easy-to-clean walls, etc. This helps to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the canteen.

Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen
The appearance of the T-type Prefabricated Canteens canteen

The standard T-type prefab canteen uses sandwich panels as the enclosure structure. This design is generally used in temporary restaurants. If the budget is sufficient, metal panels, plasterboards, etc. can be used as exterior walls. These materials not only provide an appearance but also add to the durability of the canteen. For the interior design, you can use plasterboard, paint, etc. to create warm and comfortable colors. Such choices can create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for the canteen. In general, the exterior design of the T-shaped prefabricated canteen focuses on simplicity, modernity and practicality. It is designed to harmonize with the surrounding environment and provide customers with a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience.

Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen
Wall panel & Roof panel Options for Prefab Canteens

The functions and needs of every building are different. Sandwich panel choice thus varies according to thermal, acoustic and hydro insulation and fire resistance needs of your building. Selecting the insulation core in accordance with the need of your building positively affects the performance you will obtain from the sandwich panel.
You can select the insulation material suitable for the features and needs of your building from the Sandwich Panel Selection Table we prepared for you.

Wall panel:

Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen
Roof panel:

Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen

Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen
The Advantages of Prefab Canteens
  • In factory design and production, the main structure is connected by bolts, standardized production, accurate component size, small error
  • Mechanized processing, component standards are interchangeable
  • The material is light in weight, easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • The manufacturing and installation cycle is short. During the disassembly and assembly process, the number of rooms can be reduced or increased without changing any original materials during the turnover according to the needs of customers, and the transportation is convenient.
  • Beautiful and durable, the product life of more than 15 years, according to the cycle of maintenance and replacement, can extend the product life of more than 10 years. one-time investment, high reuse value, comprehensive use of low cost.
  • Beautiful and free decoration, can be installed ceiling and corresponding electrical appliances, generally do not need to ceiling decoration wall, heat insulation effect is good

The Cost of a Prefab Canteen

The cost of a prefab canteen depends on factors such as the size of the facility, the materials used, the complexity of the design, and the location of the project. Overall, however, modular construction offers a more cost-effective solution compared to traditional construction methods.
Some key factors that can help save costs associated with modular restaurants include:

1. Reduced construction time: Since these structures are prefabricated off-site and quickly assembled on-site, construction takes less time, reducing labor costs.
2. Efficient use of materials: Modular construction allows for greater control over material usage, minimizing waste and reducing overall material costs.
3. Simplified design and planning: The standardized nature of modular components makes the design and planning process more efficient, potentially reducing the cost of architectural and engineering services.

Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen
Low-Cost Modular Assemble Prefab Steel Frame Canteen


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